Dentures do NOT last forever…

Dentures do not last forever, like a shoe needs to be replaced, dentures should too! Over time, dentures will need to be relined, rebased, or remade due to normal wear. The average lifespan of a denture is about 5 years. It depends on what you eat and your bone structure as they can last longer and they can also wear …

Denture Cleaning

Digital Dentures!

To better serve our patients, Lower Mainland Denture Centre has the latest and newest technology! Let’s discuss how digital dentures can help you! #digitaldentures #mapleridgedenture #pittmeadowsdenturist #portcoquitlam #Portmoodydentures #mobiledenturist #vancouvermobiledenturist

What patients have to say about our awesome intern:

For who doesn’t know, Wais Maiwand is our Denturist Intern! He is patient, loves what he does and has an eye for small details. He also speaks Farsi, Urdu, Pashtu and is currently accepting new patients!

Visit Your Denturist Every Year

Denture Tip: Visit your Denturist every year!

Denture tip: To increase the longevity of of your dentures it is important to see your denturist every year to check the condition and fit of your dentures, that way, if anything is wrong, we can address it immediately to ensure proper fit and comfort. Your denturist will also examine your mouth and check for any signs of irritation or …