I have lost weight and now my dentures don’t fit anymore. What now?!

Losing weight can affect your whole body including your mouth and gums and one of the consequences is that your dentures can become loose.

Loose-fitting dentures can cause dentures to feel uncomfortable and make day-to-day life (eating, smiling, and speaking) more challenging.


The best solution is to have your dentures assessed by a Denturist who is a denture specialist. A simple denture reline will fix the problem. Here at Lower Mainland Denture Centre, we can provide you with same-day reline. We have a full in-house laboratory so won’t have to go days without your dentures.


How the process works:

  • We will do all the necessary measurements then take an impression inside of your current dentures to capture the shape of your gums.
  • Our lab professionals will do their “magic” and refit your denture.
  • Later in the day, you come in and your dentures will be ready and will fit tight again.
  • A one-week check-up will be scheduled to ensure all is ok.