The Cost Of Dentures


The Cost Of Dentures

Dentures do much more than just improve the appearance of your smile. They also help you speak and chew food without difficulty, improving your overall quality of life. But how much do new dentures normally cost, and what factors can affect the final price you’ll pay for them?

Don’t worry—we’re here to help you budget for your new dentures. Read on as we break down the costs of complete and partial dentures, and teach you more about how to find the ideal set for your needs.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Dentures

The average cost for a full denture in Canada is approximately $1800, while a partial denture can cost between 1300 and 2000.00. But no two sets of dentures are exactly alike, so knowing the average price won’t necessarily tell you how much you’ll pay for yours. However, there are a few key questions you can ask to get a better idea of how expensive your dentures will be:

How Many Teeth Do You Need to Replace?

When it comes to dentures, the general rule of thumb is: the more teeth you need to replace, the more expensive they’re going to be. For example, a partial denture that only replaces a single tooth is usually between $750.00-1000.00 (much less than the average partial set).

How Will Your Dentures Stay in Place?

Not all dentures are secured in your mouth the same way, and this can also influence their costs. Most partial dentures are simply held in place by clasps that fit onto the natural teeth nearby. On the other hand, complete dentures require more extensive dental work before they can be inserted, and may need to be refitted several times as your jaw adjusts to them. The extra labour required for this process contributes to their higher costs.

Some patients also opt for implant supported dentures, also called overdentures. Instead of sitting on your gums, these dentures are secured by implants placed in your jawbone.

Implant supported dentures may be more secure than a full set of conventional dentures—but the cost of getting dental implants also makes them a more expensive option. A single dental implant can cost anywhere from $2000-$6000 in Canada, and since it’s considered a cosmetic treatment, it won’t be covered by insurance.

What Will Your Dentures Be Made Of?

Today, most dentures are made from an acrylic resin. The teeth used on the denture can be made out of acrylic or a cross link material (Acrylic and porcelains). Dentures made with the cross link teeth tend to last longer, but tend to be slightly more expensive.

That doesn’t mean acrylic resin dentures can’t be a good investment, though! In fact, acrylic resin dentures can give you years of reliable and comfortable use if they’re designed properly.

How Will Your Dentures Be Designed?

If you’re getting acrylic resin dentures, the way they’re designed will probably be the factor that influences their final price most. Below, we’ll break down the differences in how Standard and Premium / Precision dentures are designed so you can understand what you’re paying for in each case:

  • Standard dentures are generally made by regular acrylic into a high pressure mold and heating it. Making dentures this way results in a stronger and denser product that adheres more accurately to the shape of your mouth during use. A full mid-grade denture is normally $2700.00-3200.00 per set
  • Premium dentures use an injected acrylic that will cure the acrylic under high pressure, but they often include additional features—like custom shade choices, use premium teeth that are stronger to prevent chips or cracks. Buying premium dentures can cost $2000-$4000 per plate.

When Are Dentures Covered in BC?

You may receive coverage for your dentures if you are:

  • An eligible individual receiving support through the BC Employment and Assistance Program
  • A child in a low-income family

The Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction outlines the eligibility requirements for each of these groups. Your denturist should also be able to help you find out if you qualify for coverage.

Consult a Denture Expert

Ultimately, you should only invest in dentures that you know will meet your needs. The best way to do that is to speak with someone who has years of experience providing comfortable and effective dentures for patients of all kinds.

We can help you learn what kind of dentures will serve you best, and give you an accurate quote for how much they’ll cost. Learn more about getting dentures that look and feel good by booking a consultation with us today.